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We believe in the value of building long-term, trusted relationships

We have excelled at this for 90 years, proudly serving entrepreneurial businesses in the greater New York area. We are an accounting and consulting firm deeply committed to helping our clients succeed in today’s complex and challenging marketplace. Our dedicated team has the business skills, industry experience, and advanced technical know-how of a full-service accounting practice.

We proactively identify potential challenges and solve our client’s problems.

At Hertz Herson, you will know your advisors personally, and you will always get more than just the numbers. Our professionals never lose sight of the big picture. The strategic advice we offer reflects our business acumen, perspective, and willingness to go the extra mile.

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What our Clients Say

"Intellectual Equity."

“For a Family Owned Business, it is Vital for an Accounting Firm to be Able to ‘Take Care of the Business and Take Care of the Personal’ — Hertz Herson is an Expert at Both.”

“The Partners and Professionals at Hertz Herson are smart, top-notch and have the utmost integrity.  Everything they do is at the highest level, we would never consider anyone else.”

“Our Hertz Herson relationship is compared to a good friend who will be there in calm and rough waters, they handle everything beautifully - good listeners who offer solid advice.”

“If Being a Client of Hertz Herson for More Than 80 Years Doesn’t Say Enough, I Don’t Know What Does.”

Career opportunities

Hertz | Herson offers a great career with exceptional benefits

We are proud to be in the Top 50 accounting firms in the New York Metro area, and rank in the Top 250 in the country, while maintaining the personal environment of an entrepreneurial firm started 90 years ago.

Our culture and the way we serve our clients and interact with our staff are driven by our core values—building long-term trusted relationships, and our willingness to go the extra mile.

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